27 March 2011

Multimedia for NGO IREX in Romania

A subtitled English version will be available soon.

Biblionet is a program that is helping to build a modern public library network in Romania. It is supported by the Washington, D.C. based NGO IREX (International Research and Exchanges Board) with a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Through the delivery of new computers to more than 1500 libraries, Biblionet is fostering free access to information across Romania. As part of the program, librarians are trained in the new technology and how to teach and introduce it in their communities.

Librarian Gabi Tintea from the village of Poiana Marului attended a regional training seminar in the Transylvanian city of Brasov with nine other librarians before IREX delivered the new computers to her library.

photography Aga Luczakowska and Davin Ellicson
sound Davin Ellicson
editing Aga Luczakowska

special thanks to: Paul Pînzariu, Ruxandra Moasa Nazare and Gabi

25 March 2011

Stills from IREX Multimedia Shoot

I was back in the village of Poiana Marului, Brasov County, Romania last week to finish a multimedia production I am working on with Aga for IREX's Romanian program Biblionet which is building a modern library system across Romania. Click here to see more of the stills from the project.

24 March 2011

More Work for NGO Ovidu Rom

I drove all across Transylvania last week shooting for Leslie Hawke's NGO Ovidiu Rom again. Cofounder Maria Gheorghiu made visits to the villages of Nou outside Sibiu, Rosia Montana near Cluj and Coroieni near Tirgu Lapus. Check out the full gallery here.

18 March 2011

Shooting Multimedia for NGO IREX

Here I am shooting video and stills for the NGO IREX's program in Romania called Biblionet which is helping create a modern library system across Romania.

16 March 2011

In the field with NGO Ovidiu Rom

This is me today photographing at the village school in Rosia Montana, Romania alongside NGO Ovidiu Rom cofounder Maria Gheorghiu. She was there as part of the NGO's effort to put every Romanian child in school by the year 2020.

14 March 2011

11 March 2011

New Work for NGO Ovidiu Rom

Last week I headed into Transylvania with Leslie Hawke to again document her NGO Ovidiu Rom's activities. Check out the rest of the new pictures here.

NGO Cofounder Maria Gheorghiu.

NGO founder Leslie Hawke.

Support Page on My Portfolio Site

I have a new support page on the website. I am currently exploring a variety of alternative funding models. For the moment, anyone who contributes through Paypal $200 or more will receive an archival 11x14 inch pigment print of their choosing in return. Click the image to be taken directly to the page.