30 May 2012

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                         A bar in the Metelkova area of Ljubljana, Slovenia, an alternative culture community in the center of the city.
I am currently working between New York City and Bucharest, Romania and am in Romania and the Eastern European region in summer 2012.

Some highlights include:

     · Maramures project to be exhibited at the Lumix Festival in Hannover, Germany, 13-17 June

     · Assignments for the Dutch Magazine "OneWorld" and the book project "Ljubljana Tales"

     · Romanian Cultural Institute Grant for Cultural Journalists to continue "Liminal Spaces"
     · Upcoming travel to Moldova and Macedonia

     · Upcoming documentary photography workshops in Romania

Many thanks for looking and if you like, sign-up and see the full update from me.

Awarded Romanian Cultural Institute Grant

I am pleased to say that today I received a grant from The Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest to continue my project "Liminal Spaces" about Romania's post communist evolution. It is a wide-ranging road trip around Romania in the spirit of Robert Frank, Stephen Shore and Alec Soth.


Metelkova is an alternative culture community in the middle of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I wandered through on two different nights. . .

25 May 2012

More moments from the Balkans

Slovenian photographer Borut Peterlin. We both did the MA program in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at The London College of Communication although in separate years. Borut is doing some interesting work right now with the wet collodion process.

The scene in a bar at the alternative cultural community Metelkova in Ljubljana.

Magnum photographer Peter van Agtmael with Belgrade based Matt Lutton at the Serbian Press Club before the group portfolio review Peter was giving for Serbian photographers.

Peter makes his final edit for the Serbian collective Kamerades which has been working on a project about the recent Serbian elections.

Kornet, a bar in a private apartment in Belgrade.
The courtyard at Kornet.

 A "Sarajevan" party in central Belgrade.

23 May 2012

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I had an assignment to take a picture for the cover of a book of short stories and poems about Ljubljana, Slovenia. Here are a few outtakes.

06 May 2012

New Summer Workshop in Maramures, Romania

Spring sheep shearing in Valeni. I just got back to Bucharest after running a successful Orthodox Easter Documentary Photography Workshop in the Maramures region of northern Romania with Emese Benko. We will team up again to teach a week-long summer workshop there from 11-18 August which will allow for participants to photograph the St. Mary's Pilgrimage on the 15th.