10 March 2009

In Maramures continuing my rural life project 3/11-3/20

I just took a 12 hour train from Bucharest to Baia Mare here in the north. It must be one of the slowest trains in the European Union since the distance was only 690 km--a trip France's TGV would cruise through in less than 3 hours. From the view of Transylvania out the window all day, it really looks as if most of Romania is eeking out a subsistence level existence. The villages I passed looked medieval with smoke billowing from the small homes, backyard enclosures with chickens, pigs and hay and a church always on the highest ground towards the center. I would post some pictures except that I shot mostly on film(!) making panoramics with my Hasselblad Xpan. How soon one forgets the beauty and simplicity of film--there's no losing one's focus by checking the back of the camera and there's nothing to do in the hotel room--I'll have to wait to when I go to London in a few weeks or to New York later in the spring for these shots.

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