09 May 2009

Anthony Suau Visual Nomad

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/4508899 w=500&h=400]

Suau's work from 1990-1992 in Romania is what inspired me to come here in the first place. I have read interviews with him but have been hard pressed to find video, until now that is!

From the Leica website: "Filmed only a week before leaving for Amsterdam to receive the 2008 World Photo Press Award, Leica joined photo journalist Anthony Suau as he used his camera on assignment in Spanish Harlem to document the "Feed the Children Drive" as part of his ongoing coverage and interest in the economic downturn. As he traveled to Wall Street to discuss this major achievement in photo journalism, Leica had the opportunity to hear about his recent travels and how he captured both the award winning photo and the other images in this series on the economic and home foreclosure crisis in the U.S."

It’s nice to see that he still shoots film with M6s!

Check out his amazing archive here.


  1. Thanks for digging this up ... great little interview.

  2. Good video. Thanks for sharing! I saw Suau's work at Look3. It is fascinating to see he was using a Leica to take those images.