23 October 2009

Romania's Bloody Revolution: 20 Years Later

Read this piece on Romania's Bloody Revolution: 20 Years Later.

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  1. bloody revolution ??!!?? u r misguided
    Frankly, I don’t understand what all the hoopla is all about. What we have doesn’t work. What we have DOESN’T WORK. What we have DOESN’T WORK!!! If the romanian cared more about the citizens of this country and less about “winning” on this issue, the ppl would be showing true leadership. What we currently have doesn’t work, and they are so mired in their simmering hatred of all things , they’ve lost sight of the true issue, which is: what we currently have doesn’t work. Swallow your misplaced pride, ROMANIANS, tuck your testosterone away where it won’t get bruised, and start working for the good of this country.