02 November 2009

Autumn in Bucharest


Autumn has arrived and it is suddenly freezing and dark outside.

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  1. Autumn is awesome in Bucharest .
    somethingelse is ugly .
    pls , do not forget :

    Dan Voiculescu admitted having been a collaborator of the Securitate, Romania's communist-era internal intelligence service, after information to this effect was released publicly by Romania's National Council for the Study of the Securitate Archives. He acted as an informer for the Securitate by the names of "Felix" and "Mircea". He later claimed that he only collaborated "two or three times" for economic espionage. He was initially named to be a Vice Premier in the Popescu-Tăriceanu government, but was ultimately not allowed to take the position because of his involvement with the much-feared intelligence service that was relied upon heavily by the former Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu.
    Voiculescu denies, however, having been an official collaborator (with a signed agreement) or an officer of the Securitate and is appealing the CNSAS' ruling to that effect .