28 November 2009

Interesting articles on Romania 20 Years Later

Check out this one about Herta Müller from The Guardian and also this overview of the situation in Romania from The Huffington Post as the country faces a heated presidential election 20 years after the Revolution.


  1. Typical securitate/Stasi or other KGB's reaction, saying that the victim is in fact the one who is guilty, to put him in a defensive situation where he has to prove that the agressor is lying. What is even more shocking is that the ex securitate officer is now a decent diector of an insurance company...

    Instead of being proud of a Nobel Prize Winner, Romanians show their envy, "after all, she made a disgrace of Romania and Romanian people to the rest of the world."

  2. Yes, this guy sounds nuts. I think you can tell quite a lot about the state of a country when it is not proud to have a Nobel Prize winner. Who wouldn't be
    proud?! I mean this situation with Muller is just plain bizarre as many things concerning Romania are.