01 October 2011

David Alan Harvey's Loft Workshop Slideshow

I headed to David Alan Harvey's Williamsburg loft last night for a slideshow by his students as well as a great projection by fellow Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson. Above is a shot from his Hati project that launched his career. The boat was sinking and with supposedly an hour left to live, Chris began snapping pictures. 

Bruce Gilden also made an appearance with some nice new work from Russia.

The view out Harvey's window to Manhattan.

The party afterwards. David's son Bryan is on the right. Danny Wilcox Frazier was in attendance as well.

On the way out, I passed Peter van Agtmael coming up and outside was Sarah Elliot just back from Libya. Another good time was had at the kibbutz. My most recent visit had been back in April 2010 when Harvey graciously put a Polish woman and I up for the night. We rode the elevator with Tim Hetherington.

The long walk back to the G train through industrial Williamsburg with parties in warehouses all along the way.

I lived in Willamsburg back in 2002 and the area was already inundated with hipsters but the place seems to have exploded in recent years with throngs of well-heeled folk. Many new cafes and restaurants have opened.

Dinner in Greenpoint at 12:30 am.

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