12 October 2011

Yale School of Art MFA Photography Critique

I headed to Yale this afternoon to sit in on one of the weekly crits in the MFA Photography program. Tod Papageorge is away this semester, so Gregory Crewdson led the panel which included Ann Collier, Richard Prince, Shirin Neshat, Lisa Kereszi and John Pilson. There are some great students, the environment was welcoming and the critique was of the first order. The work of Elizabeth Bick, a first year student, was up first.

Students look at Elizabeth's work. Second year student Felix Rodriguez is in the foreground.

First year student Marzena Abrahamik. I really love her work.

The panel: John Pilson making a point on the left, Lisa Kereszi, Shirin Neshat, Richard Prince. . .


  1. Well, what did everybody have to say? How was the vibe?

    1. It seems like a great program. Best of luck if you apply!

  2. It's been 47 years since I sold my first piece of Art. Admittedly, I have made a mess of the one opportunity I've had at Life. Art, I've crushed.