25 September 2008

First day of meetings in NYC went well

The Highlight: meeting David Alan Harvey outside Magnum in midtown and riding in a cab back to his loft in Brooklyn in beautiful weather and chilling out there in front of the spectacular view of the water and Manhattan. What an amazing man Harvey is! New York was in great form today with all sorts of motorcades due to the UN meetings and great light as well. Earlier in the day I was at the NY Times.

21 September 2008

In New York meeting with editors for the next few weeks

I am back in the US to meet editors in NYC as well as to make a book maquette of the Maramures work to show at The Frankfurt Book Fair in mid October.

11 September 2008

In London for the next week

After Visa pour L'Image, I am here in London through next friday 19 September meeting with editors. I will then head to New York for more meetings and will return to Bucharest in early October.