31 October 2011

Richard Prince Interview

An interesting interview with Richard Prince at his upstate New York compound. I got to sit in on a critique with him a month back at Yale.

24 October 2011

The Opening of The Bronx Documentary Center

Michael Kamber put on a stellar yet sobering event the other night when his Bronx Documentary Center officially opened with an exhibition of Tim Hetherington's last photographs from Libya. Hetherington's "Diary" video was projected on the wall of an adjacent building. What an interesting location and a great space.

21 October 2011

New Work In Progress

Ongoing work from the Saxon Villages, Transylvania, Romania. 2010-2011. Central Transylvania was home to scores of ethnic German villages from the 12th century onwards, but dictator Nicolae Ceausescu sold back around 90,000 Saxons to West Germany in the 1980s in an effort to rid Romania of the minority as well as to help pay off the country's foreign debt. The remaining Saxon population made a mass migration to Germany in 1990.

W. Eugene Smith Awards

The crowd at the reception following last night's W. Eugene Smith Awards where Krisanne Johnson won for her project "I love You Real Fast". Check it out at The Half King if you haven't already. Sebastian Junger made a poignant keynote speech which paid tribute to his friend and colleague Tim Hetherington and many other fine folk were in abundance including New Yorker Magazine Director of Photography Whitney JohnsonAnthony Suau, David Burnett, Donna FerratoPaul MoakelyKatie OrlinskyNaomi Harris and Ron Haviv and Stephen Mayes of VII.

18 October 2011

Eizabeth Avedon Blog Mention

Curatorial consultant Elizabeth Avedon has mentioned my Maramures work on her blog today. Click image above.

14 October 2011

Back in New York

Outside my mother's house. Alford, Massachusetts.

Rouge Restaurant. West Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

The Wingdale Diner. Wingdale, New York.

Across from Byrant Park. Manhattan.

Outside The International Center of Photography. Manhattan.

Back at the apartment in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn.

12 October 2011

Yale School of Art MFA Photography Critique

I headed to Yale this afternoon to sit in on one of the weekly crits in the MFA Photography program. Tod Papageorge is away this semester, so Gregory Crewdson led the panel which included Ann Collier, Richard Prince, Shirin Neshat, Lisa Kereszi and John Pilson. There are some great students, the environment was welcoming and the critique was of the first order. The work of Elizabeth Bick, a first year student, was up first.

Students look at Elizabeth's work. Second year student Felix Rodriguez is in the foreground.

First year student Marzena Abrahamik. I really love her work.

The panel: John Pilson making a point on the left, Lisa Kereszi, Shirin Neshat, Richard Prince. . .

05 October 2011

The Half King and Bushwick

I had a great night out at the Half King last night on the occasion of Krisanne Johnson's excellent slideshow and exhibition "I Love You Real Fast"Susan Meiselas moderated the event and asked some great questions of Krisanne. This is very powerful and important work of the first order.

Afterwards, I headed to Bushwick, Brooklyn. . .

At El Maguey, my favorite Mexican/El Salvadoran cafe for a beer or two.

A Smart car tucked away near the Morgan L metro stop, the area that is fast becoming the new Williamsburg.

03 October 2011

01 October 2011

David Alan Harvey's Loft Workshop Slideshow

I headed to David Alan Harvey's Williamsburg loft last night for a slideshow by his students as well as a great projection by fellow Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson. Above is a shot from his Hati project that launched his career. The boat was sinking and with supposedly an hour left to live, Chris began snapping pictures. 

Bruce Gilden also made an appearance with some nice new work from Russia.

The view out Harvey's window to Manhattan.

The party afterwards. David's son Bryan is on the right. Danny Wilcox Frazier was in attendance as well.

On the way out, I passed Peter van Agtmael coming up and outside was Sarah Elliot just back from Libya. Another good time was had at the kibbutz. My most recent visit had been back in April 2010 when Harvey graciously put a Polish woman and I up for the night. We rode the elevator with Tim Hetherington.

The long walk back to the G train through industrial Williamsburg with parties in warehouses all along the way.

I lived in Willamsburg back in 2002 and the area was already inundated with hipsters but the place seems to have exploded in recent years with throngs of well-heeled folk. Many new cafes and restaurants have opened.

Dinner in Greenpoint at 12:30 am.