30 May 2013

14-21 September Danube Delta Documentary Photography Workshop

Join American photographer Davin Ellicson on the Danube Delta of Romania in September 2013 for a week exploring and photographing this fascinating part of Europe, cut off from the rest of Romania.

A paradise for wildlife and now both a Biosphere Reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Delta was once slated to be drained by dictator Nicolae Ceausescu who intended to use its water for agriculture. Today, most visitors and photographers come for the wildlife, but our focus will be on the rich daily life of the local inhabitants--fishermen, ethnic Ukrainian Lipovani and people living in the port towns of Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe.

Davin is offering a seven day documentary photography workshop based in the village of Periprava. From here, we will take daily boat rides along the myriad channels, exploring different communities including Mila 23 and Murighiol.

Davin will be working closely with workshop participants and providing daily critiques and group discussions. We will begin with a review of participants' past work. The goal of this workshop is to learn to create strong personal photographs about life on the Danube Delta. We will shoot during the day and edit in the evenings. It’s a workshop open to amateurs and professionals alike. Technical, theoretical and aesthetic issues will be discussed as attendees work towards honing their individual visions.

Everyone will stay at the "Ultima Frontiera Complex, a boutique hotel far out on the Delta and home to Lipovani fishermen. The compound offers great local food and is an excellent base for our explorations. Local guides will help facilitate an immersive experience with the communities we visit.

It will be an opportunity to witness a remote area of Europe where people live in synch with the seasons and depend on the water of the Delta for their livelihood. The week promises to be an intense, intimate and unforgettable experience where students will get to know the villagers of the Delta first hand and experience a spectacular way of life.

It is an all digital workshop limited to 8 students and everyone should come with their own laptop and editing software.

DATES: 14-21 September.

WORKSHOP LOCATION: Periprava, Romania.

WORKSHOP FEE: €995. Accommodation, meals, round trip transport from Bucharest to Tulcea, Romania and on to Periprava as well as all transport within the Delta are included. A few budget airlines now fly from western Europe to Bucharest including Wizz Air and BlueAir.

REGISTRATION: The workshop is open to any professional or committed amateur who has knowledge of digital cameras and editing software.

CONTACT: davin@davinellicson.com

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